NeuroModulator, 2017 Jerusalem Lights Festival

230 x 230 cm

MDF , PVC , LED strips

NeuroModulator is a light sculpture which is initially designed to alter mindwaves with strobing lights according to  Ganzfeld Effect. It can be programmed to animate by motion, sound or on by its own.

For Jerusalem Lights  Festival 2017 ( we have collaborated with the band Lakoum! with a live music interaction. We have added sound reactivity and mapped sound frequencies to LEDs which are mounted on an egg-shaped form and covered with photoluminescent surface. Three sculptures individually react to the live mediterranean groove composed of  the ney, ud, darbuka and kanun.


NeuroModulator is a realtime sound reactive light installation responding to Israeli band Lakoum’s music.


LEDs are intentionally selected from blue strips which are reasonably closer to UV spectrum to achieve maximum glowing effect on the surface. The brain of the sculpture is a Raspberry Pi 3 running LED drivers and a software specially designed for this project written with openFrameWorks . The software gives us ability to control light animations and adjust sound sensitivity over any android tablet using TouchOSC.

We’d like to thank Orhan Kavrakoğlu and Hans Summers for their contribution in the design of the LED driver.

You can learn more about the concept and see the concept art here.

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